ADIDAS GLOBAL | We AR Better Together | Shaping Our Future Together (DEC 2021)

"We AR Better Together” is one of six global initiatives in our adidas Runners Purpose Project series, each leveraging the power of sport to create a positive impact in athletes' lives.

Moved by the desire to extend the feeling of community and a sense of home to children from the diverse refugee community in Zagreb, adidas Runners Zagreb captain, Marie Wasler, with insights from adidas Runners Kuala Lumpur captain, Nabila Sam, brought "We AR Better Together" to life. In collaboration with the dedicated team from Zagreb based NGO “Are You Syrious”, 28 participants trained together over the summer, connecting with each other and their coaches. Their hope was that through this work with the children, no matter where in the world home is to them, there would be a dedicated space of support to explore what makes them happy.

Split into two parts, the program focused on motor skill development and building a running base by supporting the children to learn about their bodies' capabilities. Holistic sessions focusing on mindfulness and meditation were also essential to the children's progress. The final segment was an opportunity for participants to specialise in the sport of their choice. Between dancing, boxing, basketball and football lessons, the children could concentrate on their passion, choosing a sport to continue pursuing, once the program came to a close.

Director: Luka Sepčić @boklukasepcic
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